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Elian Hughes - Hufflepuff by noxSOMNIUM Elian Hughes - Hufflepuff by noxSOMNIUM


 April Fools 2014 Badge by row

Name: Elian Hughes
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 174lbs
Birthday: November 17
Nationality: German

House: Hufflepuff
Year: Sixth

A big ol' walking ball of awkward.
He can't help it. It's not his fault, he's just.. naturally awkward. He's the kind of guy who would give an awkward response thinking it's completely normal. He speaks his mind freely, (which tends to land him in a lot of troublesome situations) except for sensitive situations, which he's not always great at picking out or recognizing, and also has a tendecy to crack jokes at the worst times. He's perfectly comfortable with physical affection, though it's limited to hugs and hand-holding with most of his friends. When he gets nervous he stutters, a lot, and his mannerism become exaggerated or he becomes completely catatonic, both are equally amusing,

A knight in shining armor.. Or not.
Elian is a fierce ally, and a fearsome foe. For a muggle-born, he is surprisingly skilled in dueling and magic-combat. He wouldn't hesitate to come to the defense of his friends, and will be there for them whenever needed, automatically assuming the role of the older brother with most, if not all of his friends. Sometimes it seems as though he's a little too eager to prove himself and can come across as an over-achiever. He prides himself in being the rock of the group, and likes to present himself as a role-model, even if he isn't always the best one. Even though he has a tendency towards pranks and tricks, he holds himself to a very high standard and would never ask someone to do something he himself wouldn't do. Elian is very friendly, open, honest, and charismatic. He makes friends easily and likes to think that he's in generally good standing with everyone.

The rest in pieces. 
Overall, Elian is the embodiment of a Hufflepuff. He's a straight-foward, hard working individual. His friendly nature makes him easy to get along with, though sometimes he's a little too friendly without realizing it, which makes him known as a big flirt-- which he would deny. (Fun fact: Don't ask him to flirt. It's painfully embarrassing, as he fails miserably at it.) He loves to try new things and will rarely say no to his friends. He's a very curious perso, and because of that, he has a tendency to get himself in trouble.

Elian was born to a painfully normal muggle family in Germany's capitol. His father was a steel-worker and his mother a house-wife who did laundry to gather up spending money and keep herself occupied. He was her right-hand man, always tagging along, helping run or running errands for her, doing anything he could to be helpful - a need of his that hasn't changed to this day. He likes to be of use, in one way or another. With his father always gone and all of his time spent with his mother, it should have come as no surprise that he would be the epitome of a mama's boy. He was her feirce guardian, and when his two younger sisters were born, he became - in his own mind - a knight in shining armor. He loved them to death, played with them to a point of annoyance, and always stood up for them, often getting into fights with those who tried to pick on them. He fell into the role of the protector very early in life, as it was something that came naturally to him.

The second-biggest change in the young boy's life was when his father got promoted and relocated to Great Britian. He took to school with a little difficulty, finding that he had trouble getting along with some of his classmates, which resulted in many fights, and the closer he got to age 11, some peculiar accidents.

Horrible confusion was what greeted the Hughes family when Elian's letter from Hogwarts arrived. His father had been convinced it was nothing but a joke, but his mother knew better. When she was younger, she remembered one of her cousins getting the very same letter, and was absolutely thrilled that her 'special boy' actually turned out to be.. well, special.

Elian's first year in Hogwarts was the worst. He had been thrown into a world he knew nothing about, only able to communicate with his family through letters and the occasional parcel. Lucky for him, he was rather charismatic and very friendly, which allowed him to find a close group of friends to stick to who loved hearing about the muggle world, and would teach him different things about the wizarding world in exchange for information about how muggles lived their day to day lives.

Once he cleared his second year, Elian couldn't imagine his life any other way. Though he missed his family, he loved the wizard he had become, and became transifxed with magic, trying to learn all he could. He still isn't familiar with certain things about the wizarding world, and though he might feel left out in certain conversations, he's always itching to take it all in and learn more about this fascinating world.

Gunther Hughes: Elian's father, a rather well-off industrious type of muggle man. While he isn't entirely okay with, nor understanding of, of Elian's inclination towards magic, he loves and supports his son.

Madison Hughes: Elian's mother. A sweet, tiny German woman with an ironically fierce temper- also a muggle. She and Elian are very close. She was absolutely delighted about Elian's special gift and is always writing to him and sending him parcels.

Allie & Sophia Hughes: Elian's 10 year old twin sisters. They are absolute monsters and Elian loves every last big of their disatrous energy and curiousity. He often talks about them like they're his children.

Likes & Dislikes:
Likes: Smiles, any creature/animal, magical or not, music, tart treats, hot drinks, flying, new and exciting adventures.
Dislikes: Crying, too much repitition, spiders, cherries, spicy foods.

Elective Classes:
    Care of Magical Creatures

Extra Curricular:
    Muggle Music
    Ghoul Studies

    1. Expelliarmus - Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power, it may throw a victim back forcefully. An effective counter to many spells.
    2. Ferula - A simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb.
    3. Relashi - Forces someone or something binging the caster to release. Has also been used as a defensive charm, and in skilled hands can have concussive effects.
    4. Lumos - Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until dismissed or specifically countered.
    5. Reducto - Causes a solid object to explode spectacularly.
    6. Langlock - Temporarily glues the victim's tongue to the roof of the mouth, rendering speech and verbal spellcasting impossible.

Wand Ingredients -
    Core: Dragon Heartstring
    Length: Twelve and three quarter inches   
    Wood: Yew
    Flexibility: Pliant

    None Yet.

*From the Harry Potter Wikia [Link]: Lessons in Apparition are available, for an additional charge, to students who are or will be legal age (which is seventeen) when the next test is administered.
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